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GEOSYSTEMS HELLAS S.A. [GSH] is a Greek SME with core expertise on remote sensing and photogrammetry, data analytics, smart and green cities, WebGIS and software development.

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GEOSYSTEMS HELLAS S.A. (GSH) is a member of GEOSYSTEMS EU GROUP Member (  and is acting commercially as an authorized reseller for Hexagon Geospatial and Hexagon Airborne solutions, and as a
consultant in Greece and Cyprus. GSH vision is to help organizations harness the information of the changing earth for greater advantage, by creating geospatial
business systems that transform Earth Observation data and state-of-the-art techniques into added value products and services. GSH is involved in commercial
and RnD projects upon the fields of: Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, GIS applications, Big Data, Data Fusion and Data Analytics techniques, environmental
and land management monitoring, etc. GSH is currently active in several European, national and ESA funded projects.

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The 5dMeteora project aims at the documentation and digitization of a part of the Archeological Site of Meteora. Particularly, the main study area consists of two rocks: the rock of St. Modestos and the rock of the Chain of Apostle Peter. At the top of both rocks, there are ruins of old Monasteries. Within this project, the Monastery of the St. Modestos is being digitally reconstructed; it is visualized both via the visualization system of the platform and through the Augmented Reality app.

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The ARTEMIS project aims at creating a multi-parameter service for the processing and diffusion of satellite and other data on an online platform related to the quality, health and sustainable development of economic forests and specific chestnut forests. As a region of interest, we place the forests of Thessaly and specifically the area of the Municipality of Mouzaki.

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The ExPert Integrated suPport systEm for coastaL mixed urbAn – industrial – critical infrastructure monitorinG usIng Combined technologies -EPIPELAGIC

EPIPELAGIC project focuses on coastal area monitoring and addresses RIS3 priority for “Centers of excellence for environmental studies-Environment & Sustainable Growth because of the Climate Change”. The main objective is to contribute to“mitigation and adaptation to climate change and natural disasters” by providing methodologies and tools using time series of Chinese Satellites (optical, SAR, Geodetical/ GPS-GNSS) in combination with European Satellite data and auxiliary data.

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HEART’s integrated approach aims to systematically improve urban health and reduce health disparities through an innovative Blue-Green-Solutions-based implementation mechanisms of urban planning that embraces and promotes the health and the wellbeing as a key-planning criterion. HEART aims to use medical evidence in clinical and non-clinical setting. For all clinical studies a sufficient ground of individuals will be selected to participate. Each case study will include approx. 800 individuals. Further reading
D^2EPC aims to set the grounds for the next generation of dynamic Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) for buildings. The proposed framework sets its foundations on the smart-readiness level of the buildings and the corresponding data collection infrastructure and management systems. It is fed by operational data and adopts the ‘digital twin’ concept to advance Building Information Modelling, calculate a novel set of energy, environmental, financial and human comfort/ wellbeing indicators, and through them the EPC classification of the building in question. Further reading

EuPOLIS’ approach connects Nature Based Solution interventions for open public spaces with citizens’ needs for improved public health and Well Being. The main concept and groups of NBS are presented in the following figure and implemented in our four demonstration sites. Further reading

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