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Stadt Leipzig

Booth number: HALL 13 - B35

About us

Leipzig, since 40 years partnered with Thessaloniki, is a vibrant city renowned for its rich cultural scene, excellent universities, and significant role as a logistics and industrial hub. Our booth showcases three main areas: Discovering, Working, and Learning in Leipzig.


Discovering Leipzig

Dive into the middle of Germany with Leipzig’s historical landmarks, art galleries, music festivals, and bustling markets. From the iconic St. Thomas Church, home to Bach’s legacy, to the contemporary Spinnerei art center, there's something for every taste. Experience the city's vibrant nightlife, charming cafes, and diverse culinary scene. As a football city, Leipzig is home to RB Leipzig, a team competing in the Champions League, adding to the city's dynamic sports culture. Additionally, discover the cooperative projects stemming from the 40-year partnership between Leipzig and Thessaloniki, highlighting the strong cultural and economic ties between the two cities.


Working in Leipzig

Explore career opportunities in one of Germany's most dynamic economic regions. Leipzig is a major center for logistics, automotive, biotech, and IT industries, offering numerous job prospects in innovative companies. Notably, DHL and nextbike are co-exhibitors at our stand, highlighting their presence and opportunities within the city. Leipzig’s strong economic growth and excellent infrastructure make it an ideal place for professionals looking to advance their careers.


Learning in Leipzig

Discover why Leipzig is a top choice for students from around the world. Home to the renowned University of Leipzig, one of the oldest universities in Europe, the city also boasts other prestigious institutions such as Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK Leipzig), the Leipzig University Hospital, and HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management. These institutions will be featured at our booth, showcasing their high-quality education and research opportunities. With a vibrant student life, numerous research opportunities, and extensive cultural programs, Leipzig provides a stimulating environment for academic and personal growth.


Visit our booth to learn more about what Leipzig has to offer, whether you're looking to explore, work, or study. Discover the dynamic and welcoming spirit of Leipzig!

New town hall and city high-rise © Leipzig Travel / (Tom Schulze)

Augustusplatz with University © Leipzig Travel / (Philipp Kirschner)

Red Bull Arena © Leipzig Travel / (Philipp Kirschner)

Lake Cospuden © Leipzig Travel / (Philipp Kirschner)

Christmas Market © Leipzig Travel / (PUNCTUM)

Art and trade cooperative Feinkost © Leipzig Travel / (Philipp Kirschner)

Bach statue and Thomaskirche © Leipzig Travel / (Philipp Kirschner)

Industrial culture and water town © Leipzig Travel / (Philipp Kirschner)

Old stock exchange and Goethe statue © Leipzig Travel / (Philipp Kirschner)

Bicycle city © Leipzig Travel / (Szymon Nitka)


Stadt Leipzig
Martin-Luther-Ring 4 - 6
04103 Leipzig

E-mail: dezernat1@leipzig.de
Phone:  +49 341 1232209
Internet: www.leipzig.de/

Contact person:

Matthias Köhler
Senior Project Manager
E-mail: matthias.koehler@leipzig.de
Phone: +49 341 1232213

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