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Petanux GmbH

Booth number: HALL 13 - B08

About us

Petanux is founded in 2017 in Bonn, Germany, as an artificial intelligence (AI) company. Our aim is to bridge the gap between academia and industry through the practical application of artificial intelligence.

By leveraging the latest breakthroughs in AI research, Petanux helps companies realise the full potential of intelligent systems in their operations. From optimizing production processes to revolutionizing the customer experience, Petanux helps companies achieve greater efficiency, innovation and growth. With a focus on cutting-edge research and a commitment to turning that research into real-world solutions, Petanux is at the forefront of the AI revolution, opening up new horizons for businesses and driving progress for society as a whole. We have experience in various sectors, including finance, medicine, industry, education, agriculture and resource management.

Driving Innovation with AI - We offer intelligent solutions to your particular problems


Petanux GmbH
Kessenicher Str. 219
53129 Bonn

E-mail: contact@petanux.com
Phone:  +49 228 360401
Internet: www.petanux.com

Contact person:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mahdi Bohlouli
E-mail: contact@petanux.com
Phone: +49 228 360401

Products & Services

Technology, IT & Information
Digitalization, Digital Economy, Data Economy, Start-Ups

Our applications support the early detection of diagnoses, the personalization of therapies as well as the digitization, optimization and automation of business processes. We offer intelligent solutions to your particular problems, but we also have our own products, such as PetaGPT (LLM), Navidor (Indoor Navigation System) or Dermvision (Scin Cancer Detection).


Securely build up your organizational intelligence with our solution, developed and hosted in Germany. Ideal for safeguarding sensitive data when utilizing large language models.

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PetaGPT: German Large Language Model as an AI assistant


Premier indoor navigation, information-sharing and smart visitor management for complex buildings, such as hospitals, airports and more.Revolutionized interaction and adaptability.

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Navidor: Premier indoor navigation, information-sharing and smart visitor management for complex buildings

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