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MStR Consult GmbH

Booth number: HALL 13 - A04

About us

MStR CONSULT GmbH is a firm specialising in the most dynamically developing fields of the Greek economy and the entire Greek market.

Our associates, the majority of whom are Greek nationals with extensive contacts in Germany, have an excellent knowledge of Greece and of the actual developments in the country and its economy. Thanks to their legal background and knowledge, our associates, lawyers of the Greek firm MStR Law have a comprehensive knowledge of the legal framework with regard to the key development areas in Greece, such as real estate, trade, energy, new technologies, tourism, and can directly and accurately provide services to German companies and private individuals.

In addition, as regards financial and technical matters, we can ensure through experts every step to Greece and every contact with the Greek administration in a professional manner.

In our work, we insist on consistency, innovation and transparency, far from stereotypes and bad practices of the past. We take pride in the fact that the footprint of our network of associates is present in many successful moves and projects of foreign investors, including German companies and private individuals in Greece.


MStR Consult GmbH
Gleißbühlstraße 2
90402 Nürnberg

E-mail: info@mstr-consult.eu
Phone:  +49 911 926680
Internet: www.mstr-consult.eu/de/
10680 ATHENS

E-mail: info@mstr-law.gr
Phone:  +30 210 3634417
Internet: www.mstr-law.gr/de/

Contact person:

Dirk Reinhardt
E-mail: info@mstr-consult.eu
Phone: +30 697 3882265

Nassos Michelis
E-mail: info@mstr-consult.eu
Phone: +30 697 7298997

Ada Strongylaki
E-mail: info@mstr-consult.eu
Phone: +30 697 2314953

Products & Services

Consulting & Services
Technology, IT & Information
Renewable Energies, Energy Efficiency, Environmental Technology, Sustainability, Disaster Protection

MStR CONSULT provides services to German individuals and firms investing in Greece supporting their legal plans and actions with reliability and transparency.

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