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smart optics Sensortechnik GmbH

Booth number: HALL 13 - A06

About us

smart optics Sensortechnik GmbH is a German, medium-sized technology company based in Bochum. Our 3D scanners are well-established and highly regarded in both the audiology and dental technology sectors worldwide. They are trusted for their reliability and precision. Through advanced 3D scanning technologies and excellent service, we enable our customers to offer precise and high-quality hearing solutions.

Our headquarters in Bochum also serves as our production site, where we develop and manufacture our 3D scanners and the associated scanning software to the highest standards. Quality "Made in Germany" is not just a phrase for us but a promise.

Our goal is to establish new contacts, present our latest innovations in 3D scanning technology, and gain valuable insights into the needs and desires of our target audience. Visit our booth to experience live demonstrations of our high-precision 3D scanners and to discuss the latest trends and developments in the industry.


smart optics Sensortechnik GmbH
Lise-Meitner-Allee 10
44801 Bochum

E-mail: britta.welz@smartoptics.de
Phone:  +49 2342 982855
Internet: www.smartoptics.de

Contact person:

Britta Welz
International Sales Manager Audiology
E-mail: britta.welz@smartoptics.de

Products & Services

Technology, IT & Information
Healthcare Industry, Medicine and Medical Technology, Pharmacy
Digitalization, Digital Economy, Data Economy, Start-Ups

Our products stand for maximum reliability, precision and innovation "Made in Germany". We offer five different scanner models that are tailored to the needs of our customers - from small stores with low scanning volumes to mass production.

Our model range includes the products free Stage one and free Stage twin as open 3D scanners, mono Scan and duo Scan as closed 3D scanners and ds Production as a designated marathon runner for the highest scanning volumes. Each of these scanners is characterized by easy handling and immediate readiness for use.

Our advanced 3D scanning technologies and excellent service enable us to offer our customers customized, high-quality hearing solutions.

Visit our booth to experience a live demonstration of the free Stage one.

free Stage one

The free Stage one was created for acousticians who are looking for a modern, open store solution. The open view into the measuring area allows the user to demonstrate his customers the complete scanning process in an impressive way. The impressions can be inserted one after the other, remarkable is the nearly noiseless operation at a scanning speed of only 15 seconds.

The open standard output formats allow the files to be processed by industrial manufacturing centers or in all industry-standard CAD software solutions. Compatibility with Noah and winIPRO is also ensured.

The slimly designed 3D scanner can be used in even the smallest branches.

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free Stage twin

The free Stage twin turns any workplace into an eye-catcher. The modern, slim design of the 3D scanner combines its elegant look with a robust construction. The open scanner simplifies workflows and gives users the opportunity to let their customers experience the complete scanning process in an impressive way. The free Stage twin can scan two impressions simultaneously. With the help of the coloured needle adapters, the assignment of the impressions is visually simplified. The user can decide whether the 3D data is to be captured monochrome or whether marked textures are to be made visible with the help of a color scan.

The touch sensor of the free Stage twin allows to start the nearly noiseless scanning process directly at the scanner. The open standard output formats enable the files to be processed by industrial manufacturing centers or in all industry-standard CAD software solutions. Compatibility with Noah and winIPRO is also ensured.

The free Stage twin impresses with its high quality, making it the perfect partner for hearing care professionals.

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mono Scan

Easy and precise generation 3D data from ear impressions. mono Scan is the digitization entrylevel solution for ENT doctors’ offices and smaller shops. mono scan from smart optics, which stands out due to its glossy white appearance, offers a particularly cost-effective basis for creating digital ear impressions.

A single impression can be recorded within a very short time. Standard open output formats facilitate the connection to industrial manufacturing centres or to your own CAD software.

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duo Scan

The duo Scan is a 3D scanner for digitizing ear impressions and was designed for daily use in doctors’ offices, shops and production. The compact, powerful scanner can be added seamlessly to any workstation. Its unobtrusive design and the pleasant operating sound level are an advantage when set up inside the shop.

The short scanning time ensures a high daily throughput.

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ds Production

The ds Production is characterized by a robust metal housing and the use of high-quality optical and mechanical components. This makes it particularly suitable for continuous use under production conditions.

As the ideal companion for every production chain, the ds Production scores with its precision and short scanning time. The ds Production easily handles large processing quantities and is therefore predestined for continuous use.

Two additional color-coded object holders are included for a quick change of the ear impressions.

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