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LED-Light-Germany GmbH

Booth number: HALL 13 - A03

About us

LED-Light-Germany GmbH is a concept partner for energy-efficient lighting systems and refurbishments as well as for sustainable, healthy and resource-saving solutions and concepts, with other innovative products made in Germany. The concepts are developed, harmonised and implemented individually for each project together with the customer. This achieves the best possible results in terms of energy efficiency, cost savings, sustainability, health and the conservation of resources. For the benefit of mankind, nature and the environment. A significantly higher level of customer satisfaction is also achieved.

Ø   since 2006 Research and development

Ø   since 2009 the first project was realised and completed without any problems > 70,000 hours

Ø  2014 Foundation of LED-LIGHT-Germany GmbH as an independent sales and production company

Ø  2024 Establishment of LED-LIGHT-GERMANY UAE as a sales company + assembly and production facility

Overview of services:

Planning, design, realisation, financing, lighting service and refurbishment of lighting systems and sustainability concepts

Target groups:

Hotels (here lighting, interiors, hygiene and health, including a new antibacterial concept and a concept for significantly reducing costs (energy and maintenance costs) combined with considerable upgrading of the projects, especially in the areas of hygiene, safety, sustainability and comfort.

Hospitals, retirement and nursing homes, schools and nurseries (here too, we have an antibacterial concept for lighting and interiors for refurbishment and new builds, with a significant increase in hygiene standards, safety, sustainability and a significant reduction in costs).

Airports, railway stations, industrial facilities (here too, we have an antibacterial concept for lighting in refurbishments and new builds)

Event, trade fair and exhibition halls, theatres, churches, memorials, monuments,

shopping centres, tunnels, bridges, shipping and rail containers, ports, greenhouses, building refurbishment, gardens and parks.

Very high savings of up to 87% are achieved in ALL areas and significant added value is created.


LED-Light-Germany GmbH
Auf Rudert 1
55606 Oberhausen

E-mail: gunter.klee@ledlight-germany.de
Phone:  +49 171 9977004
Internet: www.ledlight-germany.de

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