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Hanffarm GmbH

Booth number: HALL 13 - B19

About us

Hanffarm GmbH is the oldest industrial Hemp grower in Germany and has extensive experience in growing and processing industrial Hemp for Grain and Tee. The new value Chain that we are about to add is the processing of straw to market ready products, like flame retardant building boards, non Woven insulation, and needle felt. Furthermore, do we process hemp shive for animal bedding, building material and as filler for composite materials in Partical size from 100 my to 500 my depending on application. We have an extensive network and work with several industrial partners across the value chains. Our Consulting service for growing and harvesting as well as for planning a facility to process, is available on request. We can advise on Seed Varieties, Products to make and market potential.


Hanffarm GmbH
Dorfstrasse 58
17209 Melz

E-mail: michael.bieder@hanffarm.de
Phone:  +49 39923 714758
Internet: hanffarm.de/

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