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Binder GmbH

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About us

The BINDERGROUP manufactures measuring and control equipment specialized for gas flow and pressure, aeration air, biogas analysis as well as pressure and temperature monitors. Our corporate slogan „BETTER CONTROL.BETTER ENVIRONMENT.“ underlines our products’ contribution to process safety and efficiency, environmental protection and the highest economic customer value. VACOMASS® is a unique modular system for the control of air supply and air distribution to different aeration tanks in WWTPs. It provides high process stability, sustainability, low maintenance, ease of use and integration while maximizing the energy cost saving. COMBIMASS® gas flow meter and analyzer can be used for digester gas monitoring and control in agricultural biogas plants, biogas from sewage treatment plants, landfills, and solid waste treatment plants. The products are crucial for the improvement of process stability and operational safety in biogas and sewage treatment plants.


Binder GmbH
Buchbrunnenweg 18
89081 Ulm

Meleccon Techniki
Omorfokklisias 4a Nea Ionia
14233 Athens

E-mail: info@meleccon.gr
Phone:  +30 210 2790438
Internet: www.meleccon.gr

Contact person:

Manuela Charatjan
Manager Process Engineering
E-mail: manuela.charatjan@bindergroup.info
Phone: +49 731 189980

Products & Services

Renewable Energies, Energy Efficiency, Environmental Technology, Sustainability, Disaster Protection

VACOMASS® systems for aeration tanks, consisting of precise control valves, air flow meter and a control system using flexalgorithm, for the control and distribution of aeration air as well as further functions for a stable nitrogen removal at low energy consumption. Various types of VACOMASS® control valves can be supplied with outstanding control characteristics over a wide operation range, predictive maintenance free and high control precision. COMBIMASS® gas mass flow meter for biogas, digester and landfill gas in explosion proof versions available. COMBIMASS® portable and stationary analyzer systems for digester gas in sewage treatment plant and landfill gas, biogas from anaerobic digestion plants, solid waste composting plants and co-fermentation plants with a modular design and maintenance monitoring. All gas flow meter are calibrated in the CAMASS® Calibration Lab under consideration of real installation situation.COMBIMASS® and VACOMASS® - high quality products – MADE IN GERMANY

VACOMASS® jet control valve - The new generation for aeration control

VACOMASS® jet control valve & air flow meter are used to control the air supply into each aeration tank load-depending and distribute the air to the different aeration tanks with low pressure drop and highly precise. Linear, operating characteristics and unlimited rangeability benefits the controller settings and optimal performance for high and low plant loading. BEST by far in performance! THE operator´s valve!

COMBIMASS® Biogas Analysis & Flow – precise & maintenance-friendly

Highly flexible, modular analyzer design enables realization of various measuring tasks, also for outdoor installation. Portable analyzer can be used for measurements on all different places in biogas plants. Biogas production and quality in sewage treatment plants, landfills and agricultural anaerobic digestion plants. PROVEN for many years! THE operator´s meter!

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VACOMASS® flexcontrol – The smart & modular aeration controller

Modular system for use in any plant size with an advanced and self-learning control algorithm, containing artificial Intelligence. Control functions are used for nitrogen removal, selectable software packages on demand. Air supply at lowest possible DO concentration and automatic adjustment of header pressure based on MOV / MIV guarantee an energy-efficient operation. Automatic safety features for each failure scenario are implemented. NO BLACKBOX - Anyone can run it! THE operator´s tool!

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