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About us

The Bioclimatic GmbH is a manufacturer and developer of systems for the purification and disinfection of air with the help of bipolar ionization, both for industrial/commercial and private applications. The patented systems employ the principles of ionization and photo-oxidation of the air without additive use of chemicals. The different air purification systems ensure breathing air, which is low in germs and bacteria as well as odor neutral. Also the bipolar ionization inactivates viruses. All statements are scientifically proven by audited laboratories and universities.

The systems are used in the food production, in the health sector, in hotels and restaurants, as well as in planning and implementation of air conditioning systems, and industrial and commercial air purification applications of all sizes. In private households especially people with allergies and those who are sensitive to odors or other contaminants benefit from using the products of Bioclimatic GmbH. The family-owned company with its seat in Lower Saxon Bad Nenndorf produces since its foundation in 1978 exclusively in Germany.


Im Niedernfeld 4
31542 Bad Nenndorf

E-mail: info@bioclimatic.de
Phone:  +49 5723 94400
Internet: www.bioclimatic.de

Contact person:

Malte Warnebold
Executive Management
E-mail: malte.warnebold@bioclimatic.de
Phone: +49 5723 944012

Dr. Susanne Sophia Spiliotis
E-mail: culturconsulting@gmail.com

Carsten Feuerhake
Head of Sales & Marketing
E-mail: carsten.feuerhake@bioclimatic.de
Phone: +49 5723 944018

Products & Services

Engineering, Energy, Building & Construction
Healthcare Industry, Medicine and Medical Technology, Pharmacy
Renewable Energies, Energy Efficiency, Environmental Technology, Sustainability, Disaster Protection

Working principle:

The bipolar ionization technology from bioclimatic already works directly in the room. The polluted air has not directed to a filter system or a UV-C device. The bioclimatic ionization systems invisibly “flood” the room with ions. This means that odors, germs, bacteria, molds and viruses are inactivated in a very short time. This is a proactive solution. Safe and healthy air is the result for everyone and for every room volume.

Business fields: industrial/commercial/private

Bioclimatic has been working with this technology for more than 40 years. We have a high experience, collaborate with universities around the world and have proven the effectiveness of our technology with over 9,000 satisfied customers.

Healthy air for every area

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